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Few people know how varied the terrain of Taiwan truly is, which help makes its alpine hiking trails one of the best kept secrets in Asia.  With over 100 peaks over 3000m, Taiwan has more than enough highlights to entice those who love hiking where the air is thin and cool.

Taiwan summitOur focus rests on the Hualien and Taroko Gorge National Park areas which are filled with stunning 3700m+ peaks speckled with ancient pines, giant Cyprus and fields of short alpine bamboo. Accessible and beautiful, we have trips for beginners and the more experienced, with trails all within a 4 hour drive of downtown Hualien.

The drive up the mountain is a highlight in itself. Three hours of hairpin turns through ever changing climate zones. The drive starts in the temperate rainforests of Taroko Gorge National Park and goes through flower filled broad leaved forests before finally reaching the high altitude pine and cypress forests of the high valleys. And just as the air gets cold and crisp, the trees fall behind and you begin the drive through the low growing alpine bamboo pastures of the peaks above 3000m. Breathtaking views unfold around every corner as valleys and ridge faces come into view. And if you are lucky, you might get to see one of the ‘cloud seas’ that make these mountains so famous.

Matt on Mt. Chilai, TaiwanMost hikes are not technical, but challenging all the same. There is a lot of altitude gain, quickly, for many hikes. Views are spectacular and accessible, even for those without a lot of experience. Those who want a little more challenging trip are rewarded with expansive vistas not easily seen anywhere in the world.

Our alpine hikes are designed to give our guests the perfect balance between challenge, time to relax and reflect, and the payoff of working hard to reach a beautiful summit.









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