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What are the costs?
Cost depends on length of trips and group size, accommodation preferences and special requests. Generally speaking a day trip will be in the 3000-5000NT$ (100-165USD$) per person range while a two day weekend trip, with accommodation and meals included, will cost around 10,000NT$ (330USD$). Families, of course, can expect to pay much less,
What should I bring?
We provide whatever is needed in specialized equipment for a given trip, such as helmets, lifejackets, river tracing shoes, dry bags etc. Detailed lists of what you should and shouldn’t bring will also be provided for each trip.
Are the trips dangerous?
Safety is our main priority, however every trip into the wilderness has some degree of risk. We decrease the risk by staying flexible and knowledgeable. We live here and have been going into the mountains for years. We do not promise a place, we promise an experience. We will take our guests to the most beautiful, exciting and safest place place we possibly can based on the local conditions and weather at the time of the trip.
What is the best time to come?
Trips can be arranged all year long. Generally speaking, however, river tracing is best when it is hot and hiking when it is cold. The most comfortable seasons for our activities are:
  • River tracing: Mid-May to mid-September.
  • Taroko Gorge Hiking: All year long but October to December and March to May are the most comfortable.
  • Alpine Hiking: All year long but October to April has the best weather.
What is the average trip like?
Our trips differ of course, but there are some things in common with most of them. Individual groups control the speed and difficulty of the trips as well as the location. Food is plentiful and of the highest quality.  We also ask for guests food preferences ahead of time and pack in food to suit those preferences. Other than that, all our trips are unique and personalized to give our clients the best possible experience.



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