River Tracing

river tracingWhat is river tracing?

First developed in Japan, river tracing is a combination of hiking, bouldering and climbing in and above a river canyon. Also called river trekking and related to canyoning, it involves particular techniques like rock climbing, climbing on wet surfaces and understanding the geographical features of river and valleys.

We do all that and more.

Imagine jumping from rock to rock, swimming through fast currents and climbing rushing waterfalls to reach the deep blue pool at the top of the canyon. Then, after having a gourmet lunch beside the pool and a quick nap on a sun warmed rock, climbing, cliff jumping and floating your way back down. River tracing is truly a sport like no other. 

Our trip destinations are decided on a group to group basis, making no two trips ever the same. Hualien is lucky enough to have an almost inexhaustible selection of pristine rivers and watersheds making the choice of where to go a challenge. There are too many beautiful places we would like to take our guests!

A sample of some of the things we do:

Safety for each trip is our main priority, and guests are provided with all necessary safety equipment. Our personalized style also assures that trips will stay at the right skill level for the right mix of challenge, excitement and safety. We have trips for everyone from families who want a nice place to play in the water with the kids, to adventurers who want a real challenge.

Our trips are divided into three skill levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Click on the links for a video of a sample trip for each.

Beginner Trips

Easy, accessible trips to beautiful places. Walking is minimal but so is the chance that you will be there alone. Good swimming skills are useful, but are not required. 2-6 hour trips with lots of breaks. Recommended for: families with younger children or grandparents, those who are not so confident in their swimming/climbing skills.

Intermediate Trips

Requires some moderate climbing and swimming to get to the destination, be it waterfall, wild hot spring or pool. Great for those who want to try river tracing before they start climbing up the middle of waterfalls. 4-8 hours with some time for short naps.  Recommended for: first time river tracers who want a challenge and are confident in their swimming/climbing abilities or those who want a pleasant day on the river without getting exhausted.

Advanced Trips

These trips will take you up challenging rivers to beautiful places. You will have to earn it though. Long hikes and waterfall climbs reward those brave enough to try out some of these full day river traces. The pay-off is always worth it though, or we wouldn't take you there! 5-8 hours with brief stops. Recommended for: those experienced in adventure water sports who want a challenging, and uniquely beautiful, trip into the mountains of Hualien.

river tracing adventure groupAll our trips are designed to take into account the weather, local river conditions, size and experience of the group and what our guests want! The more often you come the better we will know you and the better the trips will become.

We strive to offer the most personalized trips available. Whether you a beginner or a water sport connoisseur, we will plan a wonderful river tracing trip for you!



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