Taroko Gorge Hikes

Taroko Gorge Hikes.

Our hikes from the 500m to 2000m range focus on the heart pumping hair raising exposure of Taroko Gorge National Park. With dozens of hikes to choose from, Taroko has the perfect hike for every experience and fitness level. From aggressive ridge hikes and cliff walks with names like ‘The Vertigo’, to more moderate hikes that will take you to waterfalls, abandoned aboriginal villages and wild hot springs, we can personalize a trip for you.

Hikes start with an early, huge western style breakfast at a local restaurant in town, followed by a winding drive to the trailhead past ocean, mountains and F-16s. Most hikes start with a steep assent to a ridge line where the more moderate and view filled hiking begins. Sheer cliff faces of 500m and more await the more adventuresome and wildlife encounters are also pretty much guaranteed. From the cliff walks to the soaring eagles, the gorge has something for everyone.

Here is a video of a hike up the Zhuilu Old Trail, truly one of the highlights of Taroko Gorge National Park:



***Longer hikes can also be arranged. Email us for more information on Taroko Gorge adventures.






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